R.I.P Atsushi Kuroi

R.I.P Atsushi Kuroi

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Nissan Skyline ER34 D1GP 2010 Blitz Norton

Ok so here's the D1GP 2010 ER34 Blitz Norton Machine. The Description is the same as 2009 one, but here the tricky part was the Paintjob, where I didn't really work a lot, so ye it looks weird, but guys, the paintjob ain't easy to UVMap haha. Well enjoy the pics.

Nissan Skyline ER34 D1GP 2009 Blitz Norton

Oh fuck yes, it's finally done, the ER34 D1GP Uras GT Style 2009&2010 :D Big thanks to Flash for the big help.
So here it is, so what's edited, well a lot !
So first of the let's go to the Bodykit, so the Front and Rear Bumper and Spoiler are by me, then the WideBodykit and Skirts are by Flash ;)
So the Front and Rear Bumper are taken from the S13 Uras of REIMU. But of course had to edit a lot to fit to the ER34 Body. For the Rear Bumper goes the same.
Then for rims, I edited some Konig Britelite of Forza 3 and the Tire Texture is by SALIM.
So that's pretty much all ;) So enjoy the pics.

FD3S RE Amemyia

Now here's a FD3S which I made with HKS_DRIFTER ;)
So well first of all, I changed Body Color, to a fucking nice Yellow. [Of course because of Keisuke's FD, so obvious xD ]
So then I edited the Light Covers, puted the RE Amemyia Logo, because there was an ???PF Logo???. So then I moved the Side Mirrors more closer to the doors. After that I puted on that FD3S a set of Gram Lights 57 Optimise Rims. After I made some scratch again, scratched some 3D LED Taillights :D. After that I made it Street Legal by adding a Numberplate, so the car now is registered in Gunma :) Then I edited the Interior a bit. Then few Texture updates etc. and that's it ^^. Check it and Tell me what you think ;) You'll see a lot of this car in my Youtube channel, I promise that ^^

Toyota JZX81 Makrk II Touge Style & my 650th Post.

Yes, my 650th Post on my blog, that's a lot huh xD Well I'm sure there will be more comming ;)
Ok now on to the topic.
So here's a small Touge Tuned car by me ;D
Ok so first of all, this JZX81 model is by HIRO, not really wellknown, but a great japanese modder.
So then I edited a bit everywhere, new set of Volk GT-V Rims, then changed its Intercooler with my scratched HKS Intercooler. Then I made a legal Japanese Numberplate, so this car is registred in Tokyo Prefecture.
Then I smoothed the body overall, because the ends of polygons were too out.
Then edited the interior, new seats, Steering wheel + Hub. And that's pretty much it.
So check out the pics and tell me what you think ;)
Also big thanks to GRED for telling me the correct Car Model, because I failed on this one *Facepalm*