R.I.P Atsushi Kuroi

R.I.P Atsushi Kuroi

Monday, May 17, 2010

YES WE PASSED THE 100'000 VIEWS Thank you !

FUCKIN HELL YE !!!! Over 100'000 Views, thank you a lot people !!!!!!!!!!
And the present for you people ?? Haha, Well won't be for everyone, just for my good friends , wanna know what is??? Haha it's this Sick BNR34 JDM Style ;o, Yesh Keisuke is going over to JDM style Volks :D, Still the BNR34 is not finished, I'm still finishing it when I have time ;)

Eclipse Sypder SSD Style for Mawi/SeanieC

Ok this is a gift for my Friend Mawi aka SeanieC, the Eclipse Spyder, inspired by his old RC Car :p Enjoy pics, and no download ofc

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Red Suns is back people :D

Oh yes Red Suns is back, with also a new Server so that means the Tryouts are again opened ;)
We already have 2 new members, Kyosuke and we have our xReVsTaRx back :P
Well the Server Info is this :
HostName: [RS] RedSuns™[24/7][ENG]
Players: 0 / 100
Mode: |Drift-Race-Drag|
Map: Akagi
Enjoy it, and thanks to Vaz for hosting it ^^

Monday, May 3, 2010

Mitsubishi Evolution 9 Touge Union

Well I this was my crew car for the Touge Union Crew, but well since I got out and this car doesn't mean much to me I put it here, well I just converted the Bodykit, the skin from Pro Street, Numberplate textures, edited rims not much. Well here pics
and here DOWNLOAD

Toyota Supra White Beast

Well I made this car for my friend Jones from a video so what I did on it :
-Bodykit from Juiced 2, and edited the Front Bumper because was a bit riced XD
-Wheels from Kamikaz
that's all XD
Well enjoy the pics and no download =P

Sunday, May 2, 2010

AE86 Good Year is Running Back YEAH !

Yes, after such a long time [ Few months ] I'm working back on my AE86 Good Year =D.And also New ENB setting which I want to make it look like Mimi's, if someone can help me, please PM me on MSN,Skype or the Shoutbox here on the blog. Well what did I update this time well the list :
- New Wheels by Kamikaz
- New Numberplate, completely by me + Gunma Prefecture Sign in complete 3D
- Blue Side Mirrors
- New Head Lights
- New Fog lights
- New D1GP Banner
That's all I made for now, I have plenty of Ideas for it but the important ones are theese :
- Better JDM Wheels
- Right Hand Drive Interior
- Detailed Engine
- Perfect Taillights.
Well for now who I have to say thanks :
- Mimi for being always my inspiration, and also the inspiration for this car.
- Xavier for making the AE86 until I edited it.
- GRed for helping me with the numberplate and Lights which will come, and still giving me litle Help.
- Kamikaz for the wheel
- A LiveForSpeed dude for making the Paintjob
- Hanpen for Linkmeter
- And other people if I forgot some.
Thank you for reading this, News soon...
- Keisuke

Some Nice Rear :D but will be changed to even better ones, thanks to GRed :D

Here Clearly view of my Own made Gunma Prefecture 86 Plate P.S. 93 for my Birth year [ 1993 ] And 86 of course for HachiRoku aka 86
Some neon in the Exhaust... :O
Still Simple Engine ¬.¬ but an Engine Swap will be done for sure :D
Well let's take a look to the rear to see if someone is passing so I can go...