R.I.P Atsushi Kuroi

R.I.P Atsushi Kuroi

Friday, January 6, 2012

RWB 930 "Stella Artois"

So here's my first car mod for this Year :) I was thinking of doing something else, but since I just love Rauh-Welt Begriff Cars, I did one.

So yeah, this car did give me some pain to do. Well just to say the Bodykit is converted from SLRR (Made by FrIEnDKiLLeR, Karman & Jony)
Then there is that typical SLRR thing, that the parts have polys from both sides, so first I had to delete one side of it, and Ryo helped me with this, by showing me an easy way to do it :)

After that new textures to do like the "Sekund Entwicklung" or "Der Dritte Schlag" and I had to uvmap them on it, buuuuuuut there's a small bug and IDK how to fix it, so on these pics you see that the Textures don't have any Reflection/Spec on them. So I already made them as alpha and it's all good now.

After that I worked on the Rims, so I used my SSR Professor SP1 and reworked them a bit and also new textures for it. I used some Potenza tires on them, since I don't have any "Idlers" so I used Potenzas, since Idler Tires are Potenzas.

And after that some small edits on the Interior, like new Seats also with RWB Logo and a Nardi Steering Wheel.

So that's pretty much it, this is just the first version of it so yeah, there will be more versions of it.