R.I.P Atsushi Kuroi

R.I.P Atsushi Kuroi

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Ok Ebisu East map Deleted

Ok I found out that it's not really JC Negro that made Ebisu East, I talked with him on msn and he told me the real guy who made it so it's a stealer who puted it on GTAinside pretending to be JC NEGRO, and wrote completely wrong -> JC NEGTO so Link removed. And If you want to know how Made Ebisu, it's a guy which his name has just 3 letters, enjoy searching

Ok now you fucking have Ebisu East

Ok guys since JC Negro ( The autor of Ebisu East Map mod, I always thought it was him ) puted it in GTAInside, so I puted the download link in my blog, ok now have fun with it -.-