R.I.P Atsushi Kuroi

R.I.P Atsushi Kuroi

Thursday, November 11, 2010

New Red Suns Drift Community

Hello fellow drifters!
This here is a brand new activity for everyone in the Red Suns Server.. What this here is, it's a chance to expand out drift community how ever you wish too.. This is not so much as a competition or anything competitive. It's simply an activity to raise awareness of the Drifting Community. Before I go any further, Me and Vaz have a LOT to say so please bare with me.
This how its gonna work:
You make a drifting video in the RS server using the car that has been done by Vaz or the newer by me.
The car is simply to show that you support this idea. You may use other cars in your video but you must have at least one 5+ second clip of the car (Nissan 180sx).
After you are done making the video and have uploaded it to youtube send me or Vaz the link to it over E-MAIL OR YOUTUBE ACCOUNT (Information on the sidebar) . After I or Vaz have received it or checked our e-mail or youtube messages We will post the video ON RS blog. And please name the subject "Community Drift Video"
The reason the activity has been named "RedSuns Drift Community" is because this activity is being helped with by RS clan and has originated from RS clan. But this activity is another way to increase the Drift Community and gain admins suited for the position of being admins. But the only way new admins will be chosen are if there are too many players to watch over in the server. It has occurred to me that the RS server admins consists of nearly half of the RS members, perhaps even less, therefor is more of a community server. If you feel as if you have done much for the community but got nothing in return please contact me Keisuke or Vaz. I can't guarantee that we will be able to give you much in return.
The car will be done in a matter of hours from now. Ones the car is done this part of the post will be erased and a download link in the post and on the side will be provided.
This activity is a rather long lasting one. It is not like an event but an activity to increase the size of the Drift Community on SA-MP through the time the server is alive.
Another thing I have forgot to mention was that anyone that has spent at least 48 hours total in the server will have a chance to send me and i'll send to Vaz or directly to Vaz a link to your blog that will appear in the server at random times. YES YOU HEARED ME! You will have a chance to have a link to you blog appear in the server auto messenger. To send me the link you may send it over E-MAIL, messenger or Youtube Message.

Server Info: HostName: SA-MP.3a[RS] Drift Community [24/7]

If there are to be any further updates it will be posted here as a new post.
Thank you for spending the time to read this and Good Luck expanding our Drift Community!
If you have any questions please ask me Keisuke or Vaz