R.I.P Atsushi Kuroi

R.I.P Atsushi Kuroi

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Some News !

Alright, got few things to say people.

So well first of all, maybe some of you didn't notice but a new Forza Studio Build has been released by Ernegien, which is fully compatible with Forza 4 models. So it means we can now rip Forza 4 cars without having that damn UV Bug, I will be ripping some cars, well I already did some rips and I will be putting the link soon on the sidebar ;)

And more, as you might noticed the Map of the last post is the map Odaiba used in D1GP (: I'm going to try to convert it and use it in SA, not sure if I will complete it but I'll see.

Also, it looks like the S13 wasn't my last car.. I got 2 cars on my mind to do (: I won't tell you which but you'll know soon enough ;)

Now I want to talk to the community. What in the hell has happened to it? I so miss the old community. Nowadays most of the people I meet are Noobs or Idiots ! A guy recently added me on Skype and I sure had a laugh with him, because he was asking my RWB993, I will be putting the Conversation here soon. But well back to the topic. What is wrong with the community, it's going down & down. What happened to the old days of drifting. What happened to the clean Street Drifting and so on? Nowadays it's just Elegy with NOS, Flying Drifts, Offroad drifts, Stunts blabla... seriously? And the worst part is, people call themselves "Professionals" of drifting, though they don't even know legends of drifting, like Atsushi Kuroi, we had such a guy recently on the RS Server...what a shame ! Nowadays people say that using Handling lines is noobish ! Now really, are we really going that down ? Like a year ago, everybody would die to get a good handling line, and now, just noobs use that... wow...

So let's talk about Handling lines, there's nothing wrong with it. Maybe sometimes people are forced to use such lines, like on some of my mods, specially the AE86 Good Year, it's so slidy I was forced to use a handling line on it. But does that make me a noob? NO ! I think people who say that using handling lines are noobs... But well we can never change that.

But of course the community is not completely lost ! There are still a lot of people who give me the hope that this community can be as it was.. Recently I've been talking to a guy on Skype called Adams. He's a cool guy, we talked a bit, and I saw some of his mods, and I really hope that more people are so nice to talk. Not like other people which are "Drug Addicts" (Of course Mod addicts).

Alright, so now I'm going to tell you why I'm so inactive here on GTA. So it's just that I got so much other stuff going in my Life that I sometimes don't have time for GTA, since now I got a girlfriend sometimes I spend my days with her and I just get late on the PC and when I'm on the PC I'm doing something else. Or sometimes I'm on other games such as LFS, Blur or Minecraft. Of course I still got school going on and also the Driving School. So yeah here are the reasons why I was about to quit Modding...

So well I hope that you read this and that you will think about it ;)