R.I.P Atsushi Kuroi

R.I.P Atsushi Kuroi

Monday, September 22, 2014

It's almost Done !

Big thanks to Riku for the Paintjob !

So worked on it today ! Did some LED Taillights (Nismo Inspired), and of course the UV Mapping !

New Car on the Way - BNR34 Kei Works Factory

What's up Guys ! It has been a while since I posted anything !

Well I was on Holidays and they were great, hope yours was too !

But I wasn't lazy in the Holidays, I worked on this little beast :D

So the story about this one is actually that I was making parts for a friend for his R34 on rFactor, but I never went to finish it :o And so in the Holidays I decided to do some work on it and add more ! This car is pretty much a Drift Car. And if I would create my own Car Parts, the company would be Kei Works Factory XD So yeah, my first parts LEL
So what did I do on this, well here's the big list :
- New Front Bumper, edited from the stock one to give it a Drift-Type Look !
- New Skirts completely scratched by me
- Rear Bumper is from Forza actually, but I gave it a small edit, just scroll down to see it !
- New Rear fenders, Rocket Bunny Style completely scratched by me :P
- 3 Types of Spoilers, also inspired by Rocket Bunny, a small one as you can see on the picture under this, a longer one which fits the whole back, and another one which is inspired by Daijiro's S13 ! :D Looks great on this too !
- Exhaust which is scratched by me, a Blitz Type SS , Titanium Exhaust :3 With straight pipes yo !
- The hood which is D-Max inspired, also edired by me !
- The Wheels well, the tire is by Resul Akkyn, and he gave me the permission to edit it, I made it better, fixed some mesh problems and the correct textures. The Advan RGII are from Forza with some custom Blue Lug Nuts !
- And of course some Eyelids because they're awesome !
There's more to come on this, so check in like a week or so LOL
Pretty busy lately as I don't have only this to do. Go this, school (back again), Let's Plays, gf, and more and more ! :D

But yeah this is it, SAYONARA GUYS AND GIRLS :D 
Here you see the Rear Bumper with the holes made in 3DS Max ! :D
And here this awesome Blitz Type SS Titanium Exhaust :D