R.I.P Atsushi Kuroi

R.I.P Atsushi Kuroi

Thursday, September 29, 2011

My present to Ryosuke : AE86 Levin "Keiichi Style"

AAAAAAAAAALRIGHT ! Here's my present for Ryosuke :3
An AE86 Levin, the tuning is inspired by Keiichi Trueno so yeah ;)

Well of course thanks to HKS_Drifter to put that Levin on download so I can edit it Xb
Well so I started by changing the colour of the car, so like I told, inspired by Keiichi's Trueno. Just left the Front and Rear bumper black and the rest of the body white.
Then I made the spoiler a bit longer and changed the Taillights to Kouki version.
After that I edited a bit the engine, changed the colors to Hatsune Miku colors :P
After that I added my Wedssport MA86 with the Toyo Proxes T1R Tire, and puted some nice Numberplates. And that was pretty much it :)

So yeah, HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRO ! And enjoy your AE86 on the Touge :3

Thursday, September 22, 2011

The idiots of today...

So, I bet because of the shit that happened this day and yesterday, you probably heard about the confusion WikSaw/Ghost/thequilla etc. did because of Ryo's new AE86 DMac which he converted from Shift 2 -> http://gtaimportgarage.blogspot.com/2011/09/hachi-roku-dmac.html

So people, actually thought that it was WikSaw's AE86 and that Sas_Car (Poor innocent guy and a big victim here) sent to Ryosuke, so people Sas_Car every possible shit that came to their mind for no reason !

So for you people, everybody can convert the AE86 from Shift 2, you just have to do the following shits -> Download Shift 2, rip the AE86, Convert the fuck out of it and put on SA and post on your blog, and done ! That's not so hard, isn't it?

So yeah, before you say something about stealers etc. Be sure that you know what you're talking about, because


And also people, if you didn't know there are so many people, including me, who can have the Car because we're on that "List" of WikSaw http://wiksaw.blogspot.com/2011/09/list-for-ae86-teamnfs-dmac.html so why the fuck do you say that Sas_Car sent it? It could be either eliaajz,Flash,Paulster,Joe_JDM,Raf, Keiichi, so yeah why do you put Sas_Car as victim? People please turn on your brains before you react to something ;)


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Another Day, Another Fucker

Alright, well see this is what I'm talking about, people being ADDICTED to mods like Drugs. So this little boy asked me for the Toyo Tires Paintjob I used on my Kuroi's Onevia, but I wasn't stupid so I just sent him the one I used on the S15, which you can download on trackmania-carpark.com anyways. He told it was for a modding competition blabla I didn't care since the paintjob wasn't something I made. So then, today the 21 of September 2011 he comes and tells me he has Birthday and he wanted me to make him a gift... so I just made sure and checked his Facebook page.. and surprise he makes B-day May 14, wow, that's what I call addicted ! So I just told like no, since I DON'T DO GIFTS FOR EVERY MOTHERFUCKER WHO ASKS ME FOR ONE ! So yeah I stopped answering him, then he told why I gave him my FD3S to GTR, I told him because I trust him a bit and he sent me his engine of his V12 Supra and the FD3S I sent him is the old one, the really first version which was full of bugs, which GTR fixed. Then I just left Facebook, after when I come back, he comes and tell me some bad words that some Boys shouldn't say. So just to troll him I sent him a small message to in his language (though I don't trust Google Translator though xD) But well the message was " Hey, you can go fuck yourself. kthxbai " ;) This one made one thing in my decisions,


This message is for everyone out there !

Monday, September 19, 2011

Nissan Silvia S15 D1GP Toyo Tires

Alright, since I checked the other S15 Toyo Tires which was made by Hangzo, I noticed that it wasn't pretty good, so I just decided to make my own one. Which is better, so what is different?
- New and Correct Painjob
- Created new Textures for the Spoiler
- Edited the Front Bumper a bit
- Puted the Gram Lights 57D
- Puted my own HKS Intercooler
- Puted a blue neon and Flashing lights (Didn't take pics of that because I puted that later)

Well check the pics ;) And yeah it's not perfect, could be better but I'm happy with this :)

Bride Seats

Team Orange Steering Wheel & Hub

3D Toyo Proxes T1R Tire

Wedssport MA86

Work Meister S2 2Piece Black

Work Meister S2 2Piece Gold

Work Meister S2 2Piece Silver

Work Meister S2 2Piece White

Volk CE28N

Volk TE37

SSR Professor SP1

Wait wut O.o?

Wait wut O.o My blog already passed the 300 000 Visiters line D: Meeeeh
Well anyways then we celebrate at 350 000 Visiters :D
Well I updated the counter on the blog to the Values of now
Big thanks anyways people

The S15 Toyo Tires is found !

Well Big thanks to GRED for having the Mod in his PC and sending me it :) Anyways as I see it, I notice it's not really good so I'll be doing a S15 but not using this model but Raxa's ;) Tomorrow I'll post some pics ^^

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Evo X JUN from Dirt 3

Alright guys, in the vacation I still worked on few things, and this is one convert from Dirt 3 ;) The Mitsubishi Evo X JUN :3

First of all I say big thanks to EMONTERO for ripping me this beauty ;) So the rest was all made by me, converted it completely :3

Enjoy the pics

Request to the world ! Find the lost mod !

Hello people,

Well Me & NATSUKI need help on finding an old mod. The mod is the TOYO TIRES GSPORT SILVIA S15. I can maybe help you by sending a pic of the Original Car, the original GSports S15 by Raxa

So the car has this bodykit, the Toyo Paintjob and Orange rims, it looks more like this
Toyo Tires S15
So If anyone knows where the mod is, by who it was made or if you even have it, contact either me or Natsuki!

Thanks :D