R.I.P Atsushi Kuroi

R.I.P Atsushi Kuroi

Monday, September 19, 2011

Nissan Silvia S15 D1GP Toyo Tires

Alright, since I checked the other S15 Toyo Tires which was made by Hangzo, I noticed that it wasn't pretty good, so I just decided to make my own one. Which is better, so what is different?
- New and Correct Painjob
- Created new Textures for the Spoiler
- Edited the Front Bumper a bit
- Puted the Gram Lights 57D
- Puted my own HKS Intercooler
- Puted a blue neon and Flashing lights (Didn't take pics of that because I puted that later)

Well check the pics ;) And yeah it's not perfect, could be better but I'm happy with this :)

Bride Seats

Team Orange Steering Wheel & Hub

3D Toyo Proxes T1R Tire

Wedssport MA86

Work Meister S2 2Piece Black

Work Meister S2 2Piece Gold

Work Meister S2 2Piece Silver

Work Meister S2 2Piece White

Volk CE28N

Volk TE37

SSR Professor SP1

Wait wut O.o?

Wait wut O.o My blog already passed the 300 000 Visiters line D: Meeeeh
Well anyways then we celebrate at 350 000 Visiters :D
Well I updated the counter on the blog to the Values of now
Big thanks anyways people

The S15 Toyo Tires is found !

Well Big thanks to GRED for having the Mod in his PC and sending me it :) Anyways as I see it, I notice it's not really good so I'll be doing a S15 but not using this model but Raxa's ;) Tomorrow I'll post some pics ^^