R.I.P Atsushi Kuroi

R.I.P Atsushi Kuroi

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Red Suns Server Updates !

Post from : http://gtasaredsuns.foroactivos.net/t90-big-updates#232
Well people, big updates are happening on the Red Suns Server !
Since I found out how to create custom SA-MP maps and also to do teles and such, I worked on the server !

Created a Tokyo look-a-like Street section on Los Santos, which is accessible on /TokyoStreet, it's still a W.I.P, I will work more on it !

Also, we have a new Spawn Point which is also a new Custom Map I created, a Parking lot close to /TokyoStreet !

More, since the filterscript for Nakamura's Mappack V1.2 didn't completely work on the server, I simply created teles for every single map Smile
You can view which teles are by typing /teles, or you simply do /MP following the map you want, for example /MPIrohazaka !
Keep notice, the tele for the so called 'Ebisu East' is /MPEbisuSouthOLD and for the Minami circuit close to Big Ear is /MPEbisuMinami, but here's a complete list with the teles :


As you notice, for Akagi I didn't do /MPAkagi since the map didn't move its place so creating a new tele would be unnecessary.

And more, the anims are finally working ! Thanks to Flash for sending me a filterscript he uses, check out all the anims using /animlist.

Also -Yes more updates-, Flash also recommended a filterscript for the bus, that idea came out randomly but it's a nice feature, whenever you press 'g' to enter as a passenger, you will be teleported to a custom-made interior, aka the bus interior ! And you can quit the bus by pressing 'Enter', and the interior will follow the bus' movements so you will exit where he is, and not where you entered !

Server Info :
 HostName: 0.3e Red Suns Drift Community [24-7]
Players:  x / 20
Mode:     |RS-Drift-Race-Andreas|t
Map:      Akagi
Well that's it for today, soon more updates, hopefully Wink