R.I.P Atsushi Kuroi

R.I.P Atsushi Kuroi

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Volkswagen Golf MKIV R32 for my GF is finiiiished!

Yes finnally Finished!!!!Yuhu after almost 1 week of working on it,it's driving! Ok so well the List of worked Parts,watch out it's loooong!
-Bodykit: Converted from J2HIN
-Pink Carbon Spoiler: Converted from J2HIN
-Wheels,Sakura : By DK from DK's Wheel Shop
-Seats,Playboy : By Club[TH],edited by me
-Intercooler : Took from a Car,edited by me
-Numberplate : Custom by me
-Sound System : 1 Big sound box,7 Speakers,2 Amplifiers,2 Consendors(or whatever is called XD),I would say about 10 000 Watts X_x
-Pink Neons
-Pc : By a site
-PSP : from another car
-Radio,iPod Touch,GPS,Raio with TV : From sites
-Steering Wheel : From a site
-Tachometer : From a site
-Custom Mats with Playboy Sign (Forgot to add texture in txd,so not in pics) : By me
-Pink VW Sign : By me
-Double Race Exhaust : Edited by me
-RPM and Speed Counter : Edited by me
-And the BEST,Lambo Doors : By me
So enjoy pics,and car is extreme private nobody will receive car,NOBODY!And if someone writes something bad on the car it's ok,but don't exagerate with the words,like Nick,if you write I don't like that and that,it's ok but not who the fuck puts a spoiler on golf take it away that's ugly,oh nooo then u will receive aaa biiig replay MUAHAHA ;p

New of Volkswagen R32

K so new things on Golf,and some testing pics,I forgot to put some textures,so that's why things are white.So FIRST,IF SOMEONE MAKES STUPID COMMENTS OF SOMETHING THAT I PUTED ON CAR LIKE THAT ASSHOLE NICK,GET'S AN BIGGER MOTHAFUCKIN COMMENT FROM ME :@.
So what I putted on it:
New spoiler(Converted)
Bodykit (Converted)
Wheels,Sakura by DK,at DK's Wheel Shop
Sound System,different things by different sites
Pc,PSP,Radio,iPod Touch,GPS,Steering wheel,bye different sites
Seats,by Club[TH],edited by me
Custom mats
Edited RPM and Speed monitor8Don't show 0 rpm or 0 km/h,now on higher place)
Double Exhaust
Volkswagen Plate in Pink(Forgot to add texture,so it's white on pics)


Haha maybe one of the best news on my blog!
Red Suns has got a NEW Server will be 24/7,The Server is for 0.3a!!!,but maybe will have some problem,because of IP Changes.But well the Information:
HostName: [RS] Official RedSuns Server
Players: Maximum 30 Players
Mode: Drift v1.2
Map: Akagi
What about teles,haha over about 80 different teles,for Drift 48(more will be added),some drag,and street Racing,then also the airports.
Have Fun in Server.
Red Suns 4 Ever