R.I.P Atsushi Kuroi

R.I.P Atsushi Kuroi

Monday, November 28, 2011

GP Sports Gravity Gullflame

Well guys, after a small time of Inactivity, finally an update, and this time it's a new Rim which I scratched.

The GP Sports Gravity Gullflame, some of you might be what the fuck? Well this rim is the rim which the 180SX Toyo Tires uses ! UUUH Now right?

Well it took me few hours to scratch, fix some bugs and create textures for it.

So on these pics the Rim is wrapped up in some Toyo Proxes T1R. And I used Atsushi's (R.I.P) car to show you them ;) They won't be for download.

And here's a pic without ENB because GRED was bitching so much about it ;)
Here's a pic of the real rim.

Well now to answer some questions of why was I so inactive on the blog?

Well mainly because of my life, lately I have been going out a lot or doing other things like playing/testing new games, working on my RC Car, or just School things.

Also I have been ripping some cars lately, and I still got a lot to rip.

And YES I started the Initial D Pack again, currently working on the BNR34 God Foot ;)

Keep in touch for more news.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

S14 Zenki Ebisu-Style

So I bet you already saw Ryosuke's Post about his BNR32 Ebisu Spec, so he told me about it and invited me to do one too, so I did one, I decided to work on an S14 Zenki ;). So first of all I took a stock S14 and putted a good bodykit on it, mainly by C-West/Ings/Border Racing. Then I putted the Roof spoiler which Yazzy putted on his S14, but after looking it a bit. I decided to scratch one, and it turned out pretty well, so I did the same for the Spoiler on the trunk.
I still got few things to do like new wheels, a new hood, some interior and engine editing. So yeah this is how it looks like
(Btw the front bumper is as extra1 so sometimes it appears with it and sometimes not ;D)

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

R.I.P patrickcq Youtube Account

Yes it's official now, I joined Yohsuke's club of the Youtube accounts removed... I just say big thanks to the assholes from WMG (Warner Music Group) and Avex Entertainment just bitching about my 1 year old videos.... seriously, I just made the videos for the entertainment and not for getting money or so... seriously... Fuck you ! 225 Videos gone... for what? Because of some stupid pussies !

Anyways ! Here's my new Yotube account


I still got to do some things on it, but well if I'm lucky I might be able to find some of my old videos on a DVD and I'll upload them back on ;)