R.I.P Atsushi Kuroi

R.I.P Atsushi Kuroi

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

[W.I.P] Skyline ER34 Blitz D1SL

So it has been quite a while since I have updated something here on the blog :o So let me show you what I have been working recently, as you might know this car from my Banner, so it's an ER34, as most of you know, my favorite car ! So let's see what was done on it step by step. So it all began when my good Bro FLASH scratched the bodykit, supplied by Pictures from the ER34 on Gran Turismo 6 ! He has done some great work as usual ! Can't expect something bad of him.
After that it was time for a Paintjob, and for that I chose the Paintjob Nomuken used in D1SL in Ebisu back in 2006, I might still add some stuff on it :)
After that it was fixing this car, as Street_King, the original Author (big thanks to him), did quite a lot of errors on this car, so it was fixing time. So I fixed the Taillights to correct ER34 Taillights (which took me a night) with my own Taillight Texture took from Real Pictures and Gran Turismo 6 ! After that it were the Headlights, which were GTR Lights in the beginning, quite dumb, but now it got some GT-T/ER Lights, but I might rework them to make them even more accurate ! And then also a nice Eyelid never hurts :D
Then I had to finish the Front Bumper as Flash didn't model the small light on it, but it was a quick thing, and then I modeled that part connecting the Front Bumper to the Hood. And then I quickly modeled a Tow Hook and puted it on the Rear Bumper.
As for the wheel I had great help from my friend Mark-O which had this Blitz TechnoSpeed Z2 rim which I then enhanced with a nice Tire on it.
After that It was time to work on the engine. And you might remember this engine from one of my last ER34's ! So I took it, puted it here and I reworked it here and there. And then of course a nice Intercooler which was originally by hanpen, and quite enhanced by me with a new texture and Pipes.
After that was done, it was time for the Interior, and there was quite a lot done ! I really had to fix a lot and model a lot ! So I first began by putting few parts. So I started with the Seats which I had to make using and old Seat of mine. Also quite fixed the Normals on it and the smoothing. After that was the Personal Steering Wheel from the Top Secret S15. Then an fcon with the Navigator, and the Apexi FC. And then some gauges on the Dashboard. After that I modeled the GTT Cluster completely from 0 and also created a custom texture with Photoshop. After that I had to rework on the floor, you can see in the pictures below what was done by looking the left and the right side (left old, right new). But the floor is still in progress as I'm waiting for pictures of a friend :)
And my last progress is the hood, I completely modeled the Firewall on the hood and then smoothed in 3DS Max which looks quite good !
So that is pretty much it for this car for now, I'll hopefully update this blog more often :) and maybe put some pictures of the JZX90 Mark II I'm doing !

Sayonara Friends !

Here you can see the Engine and the Intercooler, I still have to work on the Enginebay though.

Picture of the Interior, notice the floor on the left side and on the right side and also that nice Blitz Sticker on the Left side of the Dashboard ! :D

And here is the latest thing, the Firewall on the hood, great work huh :P ?!