R.I.P Atsushi Kuroi

R.I.P Atsushi Kuroi

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Toyota Supra Team Triple Black Monster Energy

Well so First I say BIG THANKS TO BGRACER for sending me his Supra MKIV Limited Edition.
So this car is my Drift Car for the team that Me and my Brotha Ryosuke made, Monster Energy Team [MET] : http://monsterenergyteam.blogspot.com/
So this car is inspired by the real one, I saw it here in my country,at a Drift Show.
So Converted the parts from J2,made my OWN paintjob,using things of other pj's,and puted new rims,edited interior,and that's pretty much it.

Toyota AE86 Trueno Top Secret Skin

Alright,so Edited Xavier's AE86 D1GP,puted Top Secret Skin that I found in Trackmania-carpark,Puted new wheels,edited Interior,edited Engine and that's pretty all.So see ya people.

Nissan 350Z Super Speed

Nissan 350Z Erebuni Street

Nissan 350Z Erebuni

Toyota AE86 TofuShop HD 2ND Gen

Edited the AE86 TofuShop HD and puted new Rear Lights :p

Nissan Sil1315 Pink Dorifto

Ok here it is the Sil1315 Anotha X-MAs present for ya :p,Well I took Hanpen's S13 Nismo Front and Matheus-340's S15 Rear and put together,then Changed Rims, puted SD20DE Engine,Changed the Rear Emblem so it says sil and not silvia :p and changed interior.