R.I.P Atsushi Kuroi

R.I.P Atsushi Kuroi

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The fail of a hacker wannabe

I guess picture says it all......

Saturday, October 15, 2011

AE86 Ueo D1GP Yukes 2003

So now time for a fast, and when I say fast, it's fast (Not even 30 min for it). I rapidly converted one of my old wishes, which I remember seeing at Ryowazza or Club. So here it is, the D1GP Yukes 2003 AE86 Trueno by GT-Apex. I won't put this for download or give it to anyone since I converted it without his permission so yeah, illegal conversion blabla stealer shit...

So since I really made this fast I didn't take my time to cut doors,hood,trunk or even do some pop-up lights, I just wanted to have it in the game and that's it. BUT ! RYOSUKE told me he would do the pop up lights, so I'll be waiting. And big thanks to GRED for sending me the ar tool so I could even start on this car.

So enjoy the pics ;)

Thursday, October 13, 2011

180SX Uras GT

Fuck Yeah ! It's finally done :D After some another few hours for the Bodykit work, it's done (for me). So first of all I must thank ITAHKA, Chipicao and GRED and RYOSUKE
So first of all I had to rip the Bodykits from the Files, that was already one problem because I needed a new Forza Studio, but that Forza Studio still ain't completed so yeah when you export things it has a fucked up UV Mapping.
So after that I had to find a good RPS13 to use it on, and I had to choose the one by Darkstar which is the RPS13 from Shift. And one notice Darkstar, you could have fixed some things on your car like in the Interior...
Then after putting the Bodykits on there was a problem, somehow the Bodykit went off place, so it was a pain in the back to make it again good. Then I worked on the taillights and after that I worked on the Front Lights which Ryosuke sent me, big thanks bro ;) but I still worked on them for few things.
After that, there was just one engine which could go inside, the RB26DET ! So yep after doing some things to the engine it's done.
After that I went to the Interior, changed seats and Steering Wheel, and then also made it RHD (LHD Sucks !) and a few fixes in it.
Then I changed the rims, took of those idk rims which Darkstar putted and I putted some Volk GT-C because they're awesome, 'nuff said !
Going on after that I thought it was done, but then Gred told me that something was wrong with the bodykit, because the black parts were missing and It was true, so after like 3 hours of selection and applying new materials it was done.
In the end I just putted a custom Numberplate and done ;D

So yep check the pics, and don't start asking for it or asking for Rips because YOU WON'T HAVE THEM ! kthxbai

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wallpapers of the RPS13 Uras GT

And yep, the car is finished :) Changed the Front Lights and edited a bit more the Taillights. Then also I finally made up my mind for the rims, one of my favorites ! The Volk GT-C ! They just fit the car ! And then also edited a bit on the Front bumper, just added a Tow Hook. Then on the Interior I changed few things, I added some new Seats and also a Steering Wheel from the Ferrari F40 Challenge, looks awesome though. Well then final post about this car will be up soon, just few minor changes and it's on ;) Check the wallpapers already, and download them if you want ^^

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

[WIP] RPS13 Uras GT

So Yes ! After few Hours of stressing work I finally managed to get a proper Forza 4 Bodykit in San Andreas :D And it's...Yes, you know it. The Uras GT Type for the RPS13 :D

Well the Car itself is the 240SX from Shift, since converting a full Forza 4 car ain't possible right now. So let me tell you what I did more than just the bodykit.

So first of all, this car will be a replica to a real car version, so there's ton of stuff to do.

So of course the bodykit came in first, took almost an hour for the hood because it had a bug so I had to re-rip it ! Then a nice RB26DET which is getting overused, but I still love it !

Then I edited Taillights, putted some which don't much people use. They were kind of a pain in the ass, had to edit the whole taillight Base.

So the wheels are temporary ones until I find some good ones, now there are my new Work Meister (Though I noticed that these and the CE28N got a shadow bug, I'll try to fix that)

So now the Got to do Task List :
-New Front Lights (They are ready, big thanks to RYOSUKE)
- Interior Work (Mainly Steering Wheel, Seats, etc.)
-Wheels (Don't know yet)

So yeah that's it :) See you soon with the (maybe) final version.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Demo Review : Forza Motorsport 4

So I tested the Forza 4 Demo to the max. Drove every car. So here's my opinion.
Graphics : Surely are awesome. Way better than Forza 3. But I must admit, where's the smoke?? While drifting you don't see any smoke coming out behind.

Handling/Car feeling : There's some improvement compared to Forza 3. You definitely feel the car more now, the suspension works better.

Racing : Can't complain about anything. It's just awesome

Drifting : There are improvements in it, you must concentrate more to make your drifts smoother and to control them better.

The Gametypes : I like the new Rivals Gametype. A nice touch to the game when you want to compete against other Racers even if they're not online. I like also that sometimes random cars appear in the track and you must concentrate too.

Any other remarks : I noticed that the Mirror is kind of unsmooth compared to the rest of the game.

And here's a small Drift video of Forza 4 by me ;)

Demo Review : Battlefield 3 Multiplayer Open Beta

So yeah, yesterday I downloaded the Open Multiplayer Beta of Battlefield 3. Got to say, it looks good, though it has few bugs but it's a beta so it's ok.
Well so about the gameplay, on the demo you must either Attack or Defend your base for a certain time. It's the same Gametype as on Battlefield 2.
When you attack, you must blow up 2 Targets, and when you blew those 2, you blow up 2 more and then 2 more.
When you defend, you must prevent that the enemies blow up those 2 targets.
About the graphics, they definitely look awesome, the weapons and the Squads are nicely modeled.
So I think that's all I got to say about it, if you want to know something more, just write on the shoutbox.

"Drift Muscle" JZX100

Alright, so my first personal Drift Muscle Car is done.
The JZX100 is originally by TATSUO

So I first started by the paintjob, I made my own one, this car is mostly Sponsored by the Ebisu Circuit, Advan Neova and Vertex.
The wheels are some Volk CE28N wrapped up in Advan Neova AD07 Tires.
The bodykit is the same as Tatsuo let it, I just edited it a bit.
The spoiler is a lookalike Spoiler from Daigo Saito's JZX100.
Then for the engine, I puted a 2JZ from Bl3w and a Greddy Intercooler.
I scratched some Tail LED Lights so it looks lot better, it also has a new taillights texture.
In the Interior I made few changed, added some Bride Seats, a Rollcage, a good Starbucks Coffee when you're a bit sleepy. An Alpine Radio connected to an IPod Touch.
So that's pretty much all of what I did on the car :)
Check out the pictures ;)