R.I.P Atsushi Kuroi

R.I.P Atsushi Kuroi

Monday, March 8, 2010

Initial D Pack Launched !!!!!!!

-AE Hachi Roku [ HQ ] - 100%

By Yazzy,edited by Ryosuke,finished by me.

-EG6 [ MQ ] - 100 %

By Jegzoh, finished by me.

-EK9 [ HQ ] - 90%
By HKS_Drifter, will be finished by me.

-EUNOS [ SQ ] - 70 %

By Kazuma, will be finished by me.

-BNR34 [ HQ ] - 50%
Totally converted from NFS Shift. -Big Thanks to Emontero for sending me the GTR34 File.

-S13 [ HQ ] - 70%
By 9IXA,edited by Kazuma, is and is going to be finished by me.

-S2000 [HQ ] - 50%
Totally converted from NFS Shift. -Big thanks to Aironeracing, for Mesh.

-BNR32 [ HQ ] - 100%

By Me.

-GC8 [ MQ ]
-Evo VI [ LQ ]

By someone in gtainside, will put name later.

-Evo III [ MQ ]

Someone that made it for Racer, will put name too.

-180SX [ QU ]
-AE85 Itsuki [ LQ]
-S15 [ HQ ]
-Sil80 [ MQ ]
-S14 [ LQ ]
-FD 1St Stage [ HQ ] - 50 %

Completely from NFS Shift. Big Thanks to Emontero for sending me the FD file.

-FD 2ndStage [ HQ ] - 70 %
Big thanks to Malchus for sending me this model from the game Project Torque, without him ya guys wouldn't see it on gta

-FD 4th Stage [ MQ ] - 100 %

-FC3S [ MQ ] - 70 %

By Kazuma, is and is going to be edited by me.

-Black FD [ MQ ]
-AE86 Wataru [ QU ]
-SW20 [ MQ ]
-Integra [ QU ]
-Celica [ HQ ]
-Supra [ HQ ]

More cars comming soon. Stay tune for new

Credits :
-To the owners of Stock Models
-Ryosuke for still having some of my cars =D
-And all the other ones, that I didn't write on (yet)

HQ : High Quality
MQ : Middle Quality
LQ : Low Quality
SQ : Shit Quality
QU : Quality Unknown

The 2nd ZDT Competition

Ok the competition is Back, this time at the map Rokko R4 ! FTW XP
So the competition will be the 27th of March 2010 of course.
At 6 pm ( London Time ). And it will hopefully be in Drift Andreas Server.
But still no wining prize, but will maybe be a congratulation vid by me like the first one :p
So first of all, noobs don't ask for the map on the Chatbox or idk where, or you won't even get part of the Competition ( If you're alrdy noob to don't know it, u aren't worth of the Competition )
And of course don't ask us how to install it, read the Read Me.
If you want to join the Competition go to www.zdt-competitions.blogspot.com


V12 Top Secret Supra back on the Streets

Well it's still here boys, And body is almost finished, just rear bumper needs some work and then baam it will run with the 400 on the streets;p Police prepare ur high end cars for pursuits xD