R.I.P Atsushi Kuroi

R.I.P Atsushi Kuroi

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Finally the Fast and the Furious 5 Fast Five Trailer is online :D


Devil Z In Progess [Movie Version]

Well here's my Devil Z, hopefully my Final Model, well I'm trying my best for it. So my work so far. The Stock Model is from Forza 3, also its Interior, but a lot of the car model is Edited. The Front Bumper Lip, I took it from a S15 Bumper from J2(Finally it gets to use again) then scratched/edited it matching to the body. Then the Fenders, took from Alegator's 240ZG, had to edit it to the body and also scratched some screws(Low-Poly ones). Then the Wheels, Watanabe 8 Spoke Rims by Endo with Easyman's Brake Discs and a Grippy Tread Texture. Then I scratched a completely new Front Grill matching to the Devil Z in the Movie. Now to the rear of the car. Deleted the Nissan and Fairlady 240Z Logos from the Trunk and putted there the nice Devil Z Spoiler by Svander, but then re-edited by me. So this is pretty much all I did until now. What is still infront of me. Well of course must convert it to GTA SA Format, then also edit the Exhaust, do the Numberplates, edit the Interior if it needs and few Texture Tweaks. So let's hope you enjoy these small ''Renders''. I made 2 Renders with some Wangan Pics, though I think they fail, they ain't so bad. But well I've putted them for you so you can try it yourself ;) Enjoy it.
People I have to thank until now :
Turn10/Forza Motorsports 3
Svander for the Spoiler
Alegator for the Fenders
Gred for tips and Help through my modding
Juiced 2 for the Front Bumper Lip
Oleg for ZModeler of course
Endo for the Watanabe Rims

Thanks for reading.