R.I.P Atsushi Kuroi

R.I.P Atsushi Kuroi

Thursday, December 15, 2011

B324R Good Year

So here it is finally, after some good time, the B324R is done ! So what did I do on it.
Of course I had to take a finished 324 model, so I took one made by ShadowDrifter, and I edited it.
I took a Nismo Front Bumper and I completely edited it. Edited the front lip and the Side entries, then of course UV-Map the Paintjob on it. Then I also had to edit the Side Skirts, few problems on it so I really had to edit the whole body for them. After that I edited the hood also. Then for the Rear Bumper I used the DO-Luck Bumper and I pretty much edited it. For the spoiler I actually took the spoiler from my old B324R and I edited it completely, used new textures etc.

For the Interior I didn't work much, added new Seats, an Orido Nardi Steering Wheel, some red aluminium Mats and a new Shift Stick.

More, I edited the Headlights and the Taillights, used a new Texture and created some LED's, for the rest the Good Year Paintjob on it of course, and I'll maybe put the Bee*R Racing Paintjob on it, not sure so I'll do a poll on it on the side ------------------------------------->

And for the rims I actually took some Rota [ :( ] P45R and I edited it.

Well that's all ;)) Enjoy the pics !