R.I.P Atsushi Kuroi

R.I.P Atsushi Kuroi

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Another Day, Another Fucker

Alright, well see this is what I'm talking about, people being ADDICTED to mods like Drugs. So this little boy asked me for the Toyo Tires Paintjob I used on my Kuroi's Onevia, but I wasn't stupid so I just sent him the one I used on the S15, which you can download on trackmania-carpark.com anyways. He told it was for a modding competition blabla I didn't care since the paintjob wasn't something I made. So then, today the 21 of September 2011 he comes and tells me he has Birthday and he wanted me to make him a gift... so I just made sure and checked his Facebook page.. and surprise he makes B-day May 14, wow, that's what I call addicted ! So I just told like no, since I DON'T DO GIFTS FOR EVERY MOTHERFUCKER WHO ASKS ME FOR ONE ! So yeah I stopped answering him, then he told why I gave him my FD3S to GTR, I told him because I trust him a bit and he sent me his engine of his V12 Supra and the FD3S I sent him is the old one, the really first version which was full of bugs, which GTR fixed. Then I just left Facebook, after when I come back, he comes and tell me some bad words that some Boys shouldn't say. So just to troll him I sent him a small message to in his language (though I don't trust Google Translator though xD) But well the message was " Hey, you can go fuck yourself. kthxbai " ;) This one made one thing in my decisions,


This message is for everyone out there !