R.I.P Atsushi Kuroi

R.I.P Atsushi Kuroi

Sunday, October 31, 2010

[Finished | Convert] rFactor OBS Drift Mod to SA

Yes, after 3 months of hard work, the Cars are converted to SA !!!!!! No Download Link, the people with which I shared the mod have the rar so ;) You're fuckd xD
Well just showing the list, later I'll post all pics.
ER34 D1GP Blitz 2004
ER34 Color Changeable
S15 D1GP HKS Genki
S15 Colorchangeable
FC3S D1GP M'SportsFC3S Color ChangeableAE86 D1GP Hyper Oils
AE86 D1GP Up Garage
AE86 (Up Garage) Colorchangeable
350Z(Z33) D1GP ORC
180SX(RPS13) D1GP Fluke
180SX(RPS13) Colorchangeable
Soarer D1GP T&E
Soarer Colorchangeable

Today's Drift Meeting at Nakayubi Canceled !

Ok so today's Drift Meeting which is at Nakayubi is canceled, due to several reasons.
-Lag Problems
-Retarded People

During this week few Rules will be created and changed for a better Drift Meeting !
See you everyone and thanks for reading.

AE86 Levin Renders =O

Ok well downloaded this Levin from smcars.net and when I made a render in 3ds max for keiichi, this fucking awesome render appeared :D [P.S the pics are small cuz I uploaded from my imagebam, since I already posted on CarbonGear]
ImageBam image uploadImageBam image uploadImageBam image upload

Saturday, October 30, 2010


Due that RS Server ain't on, the Server will be at [DC] Server, big thanks to Glaciez !!
Server IP :
See you in server at 5 Pm [GMT +0]

Friday, October 29, 2010

D1GP AE86 Good Year Update

Ok so here is another update, a pretty big one ^^ Well so I updated the Hood and Front Bumper, really looked to mimi's model and it's quite same, of course there are differences. So also another big update is that I scratched a new rim, yes the Wedssport MA86 which Mimi also used ;) and also edited a bit Interior. So ye enjoy the pics ;)

Demo Review : Need For Speed Hot Pursuit [XBOX360]

Hello guys,
Well I just played now the Demo of Need for Speed Hot Pursuit for XBOX360 and I'm really surprised, the overall graphics are nice done and the Gameplay really good so it's reaaally fun !!!
Though there's no Cockpit View, which I hope that will be in the Full Game, but what I really like is the Police feature, which means you can be one of the cops and chase racers! I really love that feature ! I can't stop playing it with the 370Z. So let's talk about the Races. The races are not bad, there a lot of shortcuts which connects one to another so really nice there ! The cars which you can drive in the Demo is:
1.Porsche Boxter Spyder
2.BMW M Roadster
3.Nissan 370Z

1.Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor
2.Nissan 370Z

This demo really made me to buy the game so...when it comes it will be mine =D
So that's all for today, see you another time ;)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

GTA SA Drift Meeting !!!!! Round 1 at Nakayubi !

Hello everyone,
Well Me, Vaz, and also other drifters are organizing the first and only Drift Meeting for San Andreas (SAMP), which will be always at 5 PM (17:00) [GMT+0] so London Time, and the 1st round will be at the Circuit called Nakayubi, for more Information, read below the post. Everyone's free to come. If you want, you can tell me that you're comming so I'm sure that there will be few people.
Please read the rules and then have fun in the Meeting.
Server where the Meeting is hold on : Red Suns Server, IP in the sidebad ->
Official Rules:

GTA SA Drift Meeting

1. Everyone is free to join, we won't have any restrictions on who is joining. You don't need to drift, you can also be a spectator.
2. No Ramming, insulting or fighting in any moment during the meeting, talk or complain like mature and civilian people. If you don't do this, you'll be kicked from the meeting of that day.
3. No weapons aloud !!!! People who use Weapons will be banned from any kind of this Drift Meeting !
4. Use appropriate cars, no Trucks, Limousines or any kind of those Vehicles are not allowed, there will be a special hour where such vehicles are going to be allowed.
5. No Teleporting to the meeting, come to the meeting like a normal driver !
6. Stock car and Tuned cars are allowed, so Stock handlings and edited.
7. The meeting will be filmed by one of the official Organisors, Keisuke. But you can film the meeting too, you're free to film.
8. The meeting will be hold weekly (every Saturday or Sunday)on a Circuit or Touge which is always told after or during the current meeting.
9. If the meeting goes well, in the end of the meeting we will do a tournament or battles.
10. Bring your ride and have FUN !

Drift Meeting Days:

1. 30&31 October 2010 - Round 1 at Nakayubi
2. 6&7 November 2010 - Round 2 at Nikko
3. 13&14 November 2010 - Round 3 at Hakone Nanamagari
4. 20&21 November 2010 - Round 4 at Ebisu East
5. 27&28 Novmber 2010 - Round 5 at Ebisu South
6. 4&5 December 2010 - Round 6 at Beton Drift
7. 11&12 December 2010 - Round 7 at Karugahara

Round 1 Information
Circuit : Nakayubi
Location : Japan [ LosSantos]
Founder : JC Negro
Download : LINK HERE

Saturday, October 23, 2010

What I worked in school....

Have nothing more to say, Pic explains all, and if you're still too stupid to understand...this Dial Box from TRD [ Toyota Racing Development ] includes an Oil and Water Temperature Gauge then also an Oil kg/cm3 Gauge. This will go into Takumi's Toyota Trueno AE86 Initial D 4th Stage. AND NO YOU WON'T GET IT !

Friday, October 22, 2010

LC-Futo Car Spawn Cleo Script

Ok so here's my latest Cleo Script, which I made for GRED too, it's another Car Spawn, for his newest map LIBERTY CITY FUTO. So I just took about 10 hours to do it, it's long cause I took a long for the car rotations and coordinations. So I couldn't do any pics with my pc because my pc is shit, so if I installed few car mods to see there, my GTA had loading problems --' So here they are the pics of gred. Well this Cleo spawns cars in that map, and one extra I gave is that it sometimes change cars, so not always the same car...gred found that bug out and told me to do more of it.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

ER34 Renders ;D

My Favourite Car ;D The Nissan Skyline 2.5GT 4 Door or also called ER34 ;D
Well the stock car is by Reimu, and he gave me permission to edit it ^^
So ye here's the progression.
Scratch Bodykit =D (My First one ;D), edited my Volk TE37, puted the Engine of HKS_Drifter's S14 and with a cover with the rising sun and on body nothing new just also a Rising sun with the Japanese Country Layout and also JAPAN in japanese Letters ;D and also an Intercooler.
Simple Renders with ZMod ;D

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Nikko Car Spawn Cleo Script

Ok here's the Car Spawn that I created for GRED's Nikko Map, which he requested me...though it's my first Cleo Script it's pretty good.
Gred's Nikko Map : LINK
Nikko Cleo Script : DOWNLOAD HERE

In this pic you see what this Cleo Script is...it places few cars on few parking places.
Pic by gred.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The ER34 Progress

Ok that's how the ER34 looks from 1 Hour of edit Xb
So fixed the Vehiclelights on it fixed the front and rear ones
Puted a New Exhaust
Edited my Volk TE37 (It's deeper now) and thanks to Salim to use his Tire Texture
And ofc Thanks to Reimu for the ER34

Monday, October 18, 2010

My Dream came True

Reimu just made my Dream come true !!! He made the ER34 :D OMG So happy :D So for now fuck the rFactor convert I'm gonna edit this lil baby after I ask Reimu for permission ;D
Original Post : http://nekomikoreimu.blog82.fc2.com/blog-entry-193.html
Download : http://cid-690c7af257e83741.office.live.com/self.aspx/GTA%20SA%20CarMOD/ER34%204dr.rar?sa=300779702
Have Fun ;D