R.I.P Atsushi Kuroi

R.I.P Atsushi Kuroi

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Who the Fuck Is Justin Bieber -> Ozzy Win :D !

New Forza 3 Rim Converts!

Ok so here more converted Forza 3 Rims to use in ZMod, no these ain't Matheus-340's rims, I actually have these rims since august/september, but I never released them because I didn't have time to test them. Well I didn't test them anyways, but should work normally. So if it works tell me if it doesn't work TELL ME ! Well now the rims and the download link always ;D

5Zigen Gn
Image hosted by servimg.com

Advan RGII

Image hosted by servimg.com

American Racing Outlaw II
Image hosted by servimg.com

Image hosted by servimg.com

Image hosted by servimg.com


Image hosted by servimg.com

Buddy Club P1 Racing QF
Image hosted by servimg.com
More Rims to come !
Rims in Progress :
Gram Lights 57 Optimise
Gram Lights 57 C
Gram Lights T57 RC
Work Emotion CR Kai
Work Design DH
Work Equip 01
Work XD9
Wedssport SA70
Wedssport SA 97 F
Wedssport TC 105 N

Progress of the Devil Z

Ok so what I have done until now, well I applied the SA Lights on front and rear on the Car, you'll notice on the pic ;) also edited the front plate, thanks to Yohsuke for noticing a small error I made. Also made the door sills just on the door, didn't make on the interior yet. But will be made normally. I fixed the position of the ped, it's a bit better, but I'll be looking if I can make it even better. Meanwhile I'll be searching for a better Shadow file for the car, and also must fix collision I noticed some small mistakes. Enjoy the pics, and if you still see something I made wrong or could do better, just post on the shoutbox or tell me via msn,skype,youtube w/e you want xD

P.S. The car looks darker because my screen brightness is 0, before was full.