R.I.P Atsushi Kuroi

R.I.P Atsushi Kuroi

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy Near Year Folks !

So guys, here it is my last post for this year.

Happy New Year People, It got already celebrated in Japan 1 hour ago so yeah, happy late new year, specially to Yohsuke :) Also to Mimi, hanpen, DK, Hangzo and all the other guys who aren't active in GTA anymore ;)

So yeah I wish for you happy new year :)

So I must say this year was full of surprises, good ones and bad ones.
But the best surprise was of course meeting new people.

So who I must thank for this awesome Year :

"Why so small" Ryosuke/Reimu
"WhoreSlutBitchHoe" Kelvin
"Santa" Gred
"Cam" Vincent
"Hentai Lover" Yohsuke
"Saver of RS Server" Vaz
"Epic" CRRPG Server
"Awesome" Red Suns Server
"Uras" Keiichi
My very good friend Natsuki, who always helped me in decisions and vice-versa and also for being such a loyal friend !
"Bitches" All those hating noobs :D

So what should 2012 promise me and you ? Well here the answer :
Probably I'm going to get my Driver's license
Meeting new awesome people :)
And for you some mods are waiting if everything works all right ;) :
Toyota Soarer Vertex (Kind of a replica of my RC)
Nissan Laurel C33 D1GP Team Orange
Initial D Pack (From 1st to maybe 5th Stage Cars)
More stuff on the Red Suns Server ;)
And who knows more ;)

So I wish you all a Fappy New Year... I MEAN HAPPY NEAR YEAR !

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas

Well Keisuke wishes to everyone of you a merry Christmas ! I hope you'll have a nice Party with Family or some friends ;)

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Rules changing here !

Alright, from a recent chat, I heard someone's giving away one of my mods, talking about the AE86 Good Year, and if the person reads this, he knows who he is !

So what I want to say is that NOBODY ! Will get ANY of my private cars, I think my download list is good enough for you ! I don't really care who you are ! I WILL SAY NO ! I don't care if you trade for 100 private mods for one of my cars, I'll say NO ! So don't cry then when you want one of my cars !

Saturday, December 17, 2011

B324R Bee*R Racing

And here it is, since you voted for it ! The B324R Bee*R Racing ;)

So there's not much changed, just the Paintjob, Windows and the Rims.

So check the pictures and tell me what you think :)

And yes it's not perfect, but meh I don't give a fuck :D

Friday, December 16, 2011

New case of Identity Steal

Ok guys, here we got another noob who's stealing Identities of famous and good modders just to get their "drugs" ! Well this all started when I was chilling and working on a new mod, when suddenly a guy with Skype ID paddmadd.paddmadd added me, and I was like wtf O.O

So I talked with him normally and he then started to ask for his OWN Cars, that's where I was already on that moment of wtf. And plus his English wasn't good and it was too informal, saying like yes instead of yeah.

But well then we continue and he asked for my AE86 Good Year, seriously?

Padd doesn't talk with me for like almost a month and now of a sudden "he" adds me on Skype ? Though he has my e-mail. And then he asks for his and my cars?

So how I noticed it wasn't Padd?
Well first of all, the introducing message was in Bulgarian ! Then Padd doesn't live in the UK !
Then he wouldn't really beg fir his own mods since he surely still has them since nothing happened to his PC since I know.

So when he asked me for my AE86 I sent him a 4MB Rar, but what was inside was just 3 AE86 Pics and then a Trollface Picture, Problem?

So yeah check here the pics to know the WHOLE STORY !

So here's when this all began.

Just to tell you guys, I'm not a RACIST AGAINST BULGARIAN PEOPLE ! It just makes me sad that most of these people are Bulgarian and that this guy is also Bulgarian :/

And here's the pic which shows you the content of the rar ;)

And then after "Padd" logs off, this guy, also Bulgarian, logs in and suddenly talks to me. And what a coincidence, he asked also for my AE86 Good Year. Well isn't this weird?? I hided his name because I don't have general proofs that it's him !

Thursday, December 15, 2011

B324R Good Year

So here it is finally, after some good time, the B324R is done ! So what did I do on it.
Of course I had to take a finished 324 model, so I took one made by ShadowDrifter, and I edited it.
I took a Nismo Front Bumper and I completely edited it. Edited the front lip and the Side entries, then of course UV-Map the Paintjob on it. Then I also had to edit the Side Skirts, few problems on it so I really had to edit the whole body for them. After that I edited the hood also. Then for the Rear Bumper I used the DO-Luck Bumper and I pretty much edited it. For the spoiler I actually took the spoiler from my old B324R and I edited it completely, used new textures etc.

For the Interior I didn't work much, added new Seats, an Orido Nardi Steering Wheel, some red aluminium Mats and a new Shift Stick.

More, I edited the Headlights and the Taillights, used a new Texture and created some LED's, for the rest the Good Year Paintjob on it of course, and I'll maybe put the Bee*R Racing Paintjob on it, not sure so I'll do a poll on it on the side ------------------------------------->

And for the rims I actually took some Rota [ :( ] P45R and I edited it.

Well that's all ;)) Enjoy the pics !

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A note for Red Suns

Read this post ;)


Sunday, December 11, 2011

International Motor Show 2011

Alright guys, like every year I go to the International Motor Show here in Luxembourg, epic show as every year, and this year was even more epic :D !! Well I had the luck to go on a Drift ride with Yves Faber, one of the top Drifters here in Luxembourg in his 450HP '93 Mustang, a rarety itself ! Though it's an american car, I still love it !!
Here are some videos of it ;) And I'll be uploading the pics soon on my Facebook account for you to check :3

Nissan Silvia S14 Ebisu Spec

So here it is finally, the S14 Ebisu Spec, which I left it on the working place ;) So I won't really tell much about the car, since pictures almost tell everything. I just got to thank my good friend Ryo from KURO NO KAGE for the fenders :) And also HKS_Drifter for the Engine.

Keep drifting fun ! Sayonara !