R.I.P Atsushi Kuroi

R.I.P Atsushi Kuroi

Monday, June 14, 2010

Toyota AE Hachi Roku Good Year finished temporarly.

Yeees after good months of hard work it's finished, well not forever still got to work on Interior ;). Well what I did on it... so here's the list XD :
-Good Year Paintjob
-Volk TE37 which fit this baby 100%
-New Rear Lights ( Thx to Gred for help )
-New Front lights ( You will look closely that they are new )
-Interior edited
-New engine 4A-GE with a fuckin Quad Turbo ;O a beast !!
-HKS Intercooler
-New Bodykit and also edited
-AE86 Custom Gunma Numberplate
-Window Stickers
And more to come ......
Thanks to Gred and my bro Ryosuke for always inspiring me with new ideas and help me with this car (: And of course Mimi because without him I wouldn't do this car anyways

G35's Top Secret are Reaaaaaady !

Wow after months of work, these 2 G35's Top Secret are fucking ready! Yes with the good skin good wheels and a good interior ;) Well I gotta thank my good Top Secret friend for helping me with the skins and also the engines (: So of course nobody will have this car so don't even ask me on MSN, Skype, SAMP or whatever, because you won't get it, just if you can send me a good Skyline ER34 4-Door with a good body, good interior, and etc.

Work Meister S1 Wheel by me

One wheel which i almosted completely edited.
Well I wanted this wheel because Mimi has it, and since I know he won't give it to me, I did myself.
Meister body by DK Wheel Shop
Tire and Rim contour by DDS Team and Screws scratch by me and the logo also by me ;).

Nissan Silvia S13 Top Secret ;)

Hufa, finally had time to finish this S13 Beast ;).
Well first to say thanks is to Easyman, for having the Top Secret Bodykit on the S13, then I added paintjob, my famous Work Meister S1 Rims, edited a bit interior, new D-Max rear lights. And here it is ;), of course no download for this beast =P