R.I.P Atsushi Kuroi

R.I.P Atsushi Kuroi

Monday, November 9, 2009

Toyota AE86 Trueno Initial D 4TH Stage TofuShop in HD

Haha,well me and Ryosuke,we made a Top Special car,if you saw his blog,the Toyota AE86 Trueno from Initial D 4th Stage,in freakin HQ,that makes it HQ,well,It's a HQ model(Juiced 2),converted by yazzy,big thanks to him,and also a 2048 pixels Skin,so max Quality,has everything,wheels,pop-ip lights,everything that it needs.Check pics and:

Tutorial First Step : Import a Vehicle in Zmodeler

Ok so this is the Tutorial of the Day!

Things Needed:
-Probably a vehicle
-TXd Workshop
-ZModeler(Zanoza Modeler)

(RECOMENDED)Create a folder and put the DFF and TXD in it(On tuto I create folder RX7)
So I will work with a converted Stock Mazda RX7 FD3S from J2HIN,converted by Andrew_A1

1.Open TXD Workshop(For Vista users run as administrator),then open the car/bike.txd
2.Go to Export,click and do Export all textures as bmp

3.Choose the created folder(RX7) and click OK
4.Open vehicle.txd situated in GTA San Andreas\models\generic

5.Go to Export,click and do Export all textures as bmp

6.Choose the created folder(RX7) and click OK and then close TXD Workshop
7.Open Zmodeler and click on import
8.Go to the created Folder(RX7 Here),and click !1 TIME! NO DOUBLE CLICK on the DFF
9.Go to the Bottom and click on preferable Textures and choose BMP then click import
10.If no error Message appears,you succesfully imported a car!
AND VOILA,tomorow another Tutorial!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q:I click to import the car but nothing appears,why?
A:Look if you have :
-A Registered Version of Zmodeler
-If the DFF isn't locked
-If it's a valid DFF

Q:When I open Zmodeler,it says Side-by-side configuation is wrong,why?
A:That's happens because you don't have the needed C++ Redistruable Runtime Package,download at Windows Web Site.

Q:When i open an Application that's needs an Confirmation,my Zmodeler says Device Lost,why?
A:That's a Bug with Zmodeler,I don't know any Answers.

For more Questions ask me,BUT NO STUPPID QUESTIONS!

Zmodeler Tutorial Week

Well,I had an idea,so nobody asks me again how Zmodeler works,I will upload some Tutorials that I made.AND IF STILL SOEMBODY ASK,FUCK YOU!