R.I.P Atsushi Kuroi

R.I.P Atsushi Kuroi

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Initial D Pack is not dead :)

-Post 24.02.2011-
Yes the Initial D Pack ain't dead ;), well I'm going to redo all the cars, mostly using Forza 3 Models, but of course there are few models where there ain't any available so have to use other cars. Well I have already 4 models finished, Takumi's AE86(1st&4th Stage), Ryosuke's FC3S and Kenta's S14 ;) There are few models which are also almost ready :) So just wait ;D
-Post 25.02.2011-
Ok so my brother Ryosuke is helping me on some cars too, he already finished Bunta's GC8, check his blog for ZMod Pics ;)
Car Finished -> FD3S Keisuke Red Suns 3RD Stage

-Post 8.03.2011-
Car Finished -> FD3S Keisuke Red Suns 4th Stage

-AE86 Tofu Shop 1st Stage [24.02.2011]

AE86 Model by gred, edited by me.

-Takumis AE86 4th Stage [24.02.2011]

AE86 Model by gred, edited by me.

-Ryosukes FC3S 4th Stage [24.02.2011]

FC3S Model by gred, edited by me.

-Kentas S14 Zenki Red Suns [24.02.2011]

S14 Model by Reimu, remade by me.

-Keisukes FD3S Red Suns 3RD Stage

FD3S Model from Project Torque [Big thanks to Reiel] , converted and edited by me

Keisukes FD3s Red Suns 4th Stage

FD3S Model by HKS_Drifter, completely Remade with scratching by me


  1. Converted? Where's mah credit yo! :P

  2. Ai fuck I forgot ya man D: XD

  3. Awesome but are you going to release it to the public or not?

  4. I've been waiting for along time and its not releasing to public :O?