R.I.P Atsushi Kuroi

R.I.P Atsushi Kuroi

Sunday, February 19, 2012

180SX GP Sports

Alright, done :D after around 2 weeks of working, it's done.
So first of all, the main man to thank is FLASH for the Bodykit and the Rims !

So after that Flash finished the Bodykit, I asked him if he could send me because I'm waiting already for months for such a car! So to being I had to make a "replica" of THIS CAR , and here it is, not 100% but it's a good one :) Next one is maybe the Toyo Tires, not sure yet !

So what have I done on it :
-Kouki Taillights ! That is one main thing of the car !
-Interior Edits : New Seats,steering Wheel, edits on the main Gauges + added some more, and a DVD Player which as Screen has a picture of this car :3
-Engine : This time I wanted to put something different as engine, so I puted a 3D CA18DET in it ! And I'm happy with the result, pushing out 430HP to the rear wheels :3
-Decals & Decals, I had to create myself some new decals for this car. And also I created a Banner for it which is on the doors :3 Happy with it too !
-Other stuff : 2 Hooks, which are on the back and on the front of the car. Numberplate, and also a custom Exhaust which Flash scratched :3

So that's it :3

Enjoy the pictures ;D

Big thanks to : Flash,EA,Keiichi,Natsuki,SLRR


  1. Nice work. I really enjoyed ever single bit of this.

  2. where is link?

    How do I download?

  3. 启介!GTABBS? 哇塞,在这都能见到你。

    1. I don't know what you mean, but no this is not from GTABBS, it's by Flash, and with my work and help of my friends