R.I.P Atsushi Kuroi

R.I.P Atsushi Kuroi

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

News, News and News !

Well, if you guys notice, there's not a lot of activity here, but I'm working a bit on the blog, I updated my SA-MP Server List, the Blog List also a bit tomorow I'm going to continue to look about all the links I have on my blog list and Download list too see if they're still up so ye it's gonna take time, could maybe take a week or more, but well it's school time and everyone knows that it costs all our free time, but still I'm working on Cars, now I'm ripping FM3 Cars for CarbonGear, also I'm working on the Initial D Pack ;) and also I'm uploading some vids I had to render. So maybe 1 day or another you're going to see something another then this text.
And if you guys noticed, yes I deleted the Calendar of the Drift Meetings, why? Well if you didn't notice, not even 1 of the Meetings until now was 100% successfull, maybe I just exagerated on doing such thing, but still I want to do something so the Drift Community is still alive.
Also [SDU] Server is finally on, its script has been made by [TDSD]Vertex and [TDSD]Excel24, it's a Server with a really good connection, so not rly high ping there [ I have max 100 Ping there, usually my RS ping is about 230, so there you see ;) ], also its Script is just amazing, they puted a lot of work in it, I really love the script, my words to them -> Good Job there you both ;)
Also if I really don't want to write this -> RS Members look the RS Blog !
Well I think this is all what I want to write now, maybe I'll edit the Post tomorow not sure so well, sayonara everyone and good night or day ^.^


  1. I've got to see for more updates in the future. Anyway, thanks for the info.Oscar

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