R.I.P Atsushi Kuroi

R.I.P Atsushi Kuroi

Friday, January 8, 2010

Nissan Skyline ER34 Blitz 2003 is finally here!

Yes guys the ER34 Blitz 2003 is finally made!!!!
Well first of all thanks to :
Hiro for Stock ER34
Blitz 2003 Paintjob By Dadude
Blitz Wheels by Endo of D1RGP
Key's Steering wheel by DK [ DK's Wheel Shop ]
Blitz 3D Logo by Yazzy [ Made in 3DS MAx ]
Putting the Paintjob on the ER34 by me
I still must thanks a lot to Dadude because he made this project become real ! So check tha pics.
If you want it ask me it in MSN or Skype
E-Mail : patrick_fcp@hotmail.fr
Skype : KeisukeRS

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