R.I.P Atsushi Kuroi

R.I.P Atsushi Kuroi

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

New W.I.P Volkswagen Golf MKIV R32

K so I'm making this VolksWagen Golf MKIV R32 for my big LOVE,Stef,She loves this car,so I just converted a Lil bodykit,and Now putting all the parts I find for it XDWell this is the list of the already Added parts:
-Numberplate,With an image created by me
-Seats by Club[TH],edited
-Rear Window with a logo
-2 amplifiers,1 big soundbox,and 2 Graves meters
-HKS Intercooler by Ryosuke
-Sakura wheels by DK's Wheel Shop
More to come,so I just took a lil fast Screenshot in zmod,putted pink background,and edited it with PhotoScape:This is the Original Pic
And with some few clicks this will be created!
And this and this and this!
I like this one following

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