R.I.P Atsushi Kuroi

R.I.P Atsushi Kuroi

Monday, September 21, 2009

ZModeler Tutorial : How To convert Partss from Juiced 2 to GTA

Well today I'm gonna show u how to convert cars rom Juiced 2 to gta.
First Ya need ZModeler 2.2.1 I puted for download
Then open Zmod.
Then go to Import,and Import the .jfs we will use the 300zx
After you Imported there will be lot of things.
So click on hide all,then everything will be deselected,so then choose your part.
Select your part,then go to The view choose,and choose User.
After go to Modify->Exact Transform.
After this Window will appear.
Write as Yaw : 180.00 and for Scale 1.100 for X,Y,Z.And click on the 4 boxes.
After that it will normally do a 180° flip.Then your right.
Then click on polygon mode and click on the piece.
Will be like this.
Then go to Select->Select by Material.
A window will appear,on Quick Select write FACE and then click on Select.
Then the Part will be highlighted Red (Not all Parts will this happen).
Then click on Selected Mode,go to Modify->Delete and click where ya want.
Then the Part will change,so it's deleted.
So now the Bumper is ready for GTA.Do your Texturing and rest.
After ya Textures everythin go to surface->Normals->Normalize and click on the part.
Well this is it,So It took me 20 min to do this tuto,so if ya have any question don't ask me,try to get it by your own.The tuto is so detailed,a Fail is almost impossible.


  1. I have a small question how do you export a complete car. Cause i wanna export the 300zx just for trying and i can't find a good file

  2. Well the convert style is completely same as this. But you must get both 300ZX Files to import it to ZMod

  3. You can't open that, it opens by itself when you import .jsf

  4. okay how can you easily find the car parts???

  5. If you import a car it imports everything

  6. i mean the real interior,exterior,etc. not all adjustable things just the car

  7. how do i get the .jsf file?

    1. where are the textures?