R.I.P Atsushi Kuroi

R.I.P Atsushi Kuroi

Monday, September 29, 2014

BNR34 Kei Works Custom !

So here's the post about this Beast :D
So what was done in this, well first of all as you know about the story, the parts on this were actually for a friend's R34 for rFactor, but we never did anything afterwards and one day I simply saw the folder of it and I decided to finish it !

So first of all big thanks to RastaDrifter, Riku, Nab, Baljit, Resul & Matheus-340 !

So the Parts I scratched or heavyly edited were :
- Front Bumper & Canards
- Skirts
- Blitz Type SS Titanium Exhaust with Straight Pipes
- Rear Bumper
- Spoiler
- Hood
- Eyelids
- Tail LED lights
And so the rims are some Advan RGII from Forza with a small edit and some Advan AD08 Tires by Resul and fixed by me ! :)

Intercooler was scratched by me and also custom texture !
And the awesome Paintjob was made by Riku, which fits this perfectly !
So check out the pictures ;)
This will maybe be converted for rFactor for more awesome Drift Epicness :D


And here are some Renderings done with KeyShot 5 ! I love that Renderer :D



  1. Looks like you've finish that BNR34 that you showed me a year ago xD

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  3. Hey kei, u could send me your bnr34? i wanna do a little edit on sa:amp, and i think your bnr34 gonna be perfect for that, i will give you all the credits.
    this is my gmail: jocaprimoter@gmail.com

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